The Hauck ISER is an immersion gas burner which is ideally suited for a variety of galvanizing applications. Immersion heating is in extensive use in the wire processing industry, and is now being successfully applied by Thermix in processes where electric heating was the only available option. Thermix Melters have many advantages, some of which include the use of less expensive natural gas, easy maintenance, and no costly down time compared to when inductors unexpectedly fail on electrically heated applications.


Thermix has been at the forefront of the development and implementation of this exciting new technology, and has made the process of conversion of existing equipment easy and cost effective. These objectives were achieved by working closely with our clients’ engineers and consultants. Thermix offers a design and supervision service, along with prepackaging of the gas controls and electrical systems that are an integral part of every new Thermix Melter. In addition, Thermix offers complete fabrication and installation packages. Thermix presently has melters in Primary Zinc Producers, Continuous Pipe Galvanizing, Continuous Tube Galvanizing, Continuous Strip Lines and Wire Lines. Reference list available upon request.


The Thermix Melter is a completely ceramic lined vessel that contains the working volume of liquid zinc. Durable refractories, graded to ensure low heat losses, operational integrity and long life, are used inside a fully welded steel shell. The thermal gradient that exists between the zinc inside the Melter and the casing ensures that zinc never comes into contact with steelwork. In practice the lining is self-healing, giving a service life of upwards of 25 years, even under the most severe working conditions.


Thermix Melters are inexpensive to run and provide exceptional temperature control, often within 5F. The ISER burner is a compact heat source, pumping out the equivalent of 40KW of electric heat for each fitted burner. Thermix Melters are similar in size to equivalent induction furnaces and are often significantly smaller than traditional galvanizing kettles, or ceramic hood furnaces. This leads to very short return on investment times (ROI), even for quite small installations. Add the low operating cost to the advantage of no down time, no costly inductors or kettles to hold in inventory, long service life, and accurate temperature control, and it is clear that the new Thermix Melter is an obvious choice for galvanizing


- Inexpensive & clean gas fuel
- Self-healing furnace lining
     - Low operating cost
     - Long service life
- No costly maintenance down time
- Exceptional temperature control


Melter.jpg (27221 bytes)
Completed zinc melting &
galvanizing furnace.

Melter2.jpg (30018 bytes)
Immersion burners on
hydraulically elevated decks.

Typical burner valve train
supplied with a furnace.